Safeguarding your privacy and anonymity is our main priority.

We continuously protect you against targeted surveillance and cyber attacks with the highest level of mobile security tools.

Secure Communications

Secure Black provides two encrypted communication methods. 1) Peer 2 Peer + 2) Client-Server.

Depending on your needs, you can decide which method is used for encrypted audio calls, video calls or chat messaging.

Secure OS

High secure tamper-proof and multi-layered encrypted Secure OS.

Including cryptographic integrity checks throughout the operating system. Delivering real-time and constant OS protection.

Secure Crypto Phone

Protecting all your data and communication in a military- grade hardened cryptophone.

Ensuring the hardware is protected against physical, digital and network attacks.

Your data is secure from the hardware level.

Decentralized Security

Special for professionals relying on anonymous and high secure communications we provide independent and isolated Decentralized Communications.

You are in control of your own network and infrastructure. You decide who may join your network and where it is located.

Anonymity & Security

We go beyond end-to-end encryption.

Secure Black uses multi-layer chain encryption whereby all data stays encrypted on the encrypted phone, inside the encrypted operating system, encrypted partitions and encrypted programs.

Crypto Phone Privacy

With the use of Black Privacy you are able to keep around the crypto phone during physical meetings.

By disabling the microphone you are protected against eavesdropping on network and device level.

Private & Encrypted Crypto Smartphone

Your "Black Ops" Crypto Phone

Smartphones are the most used devices in your private and business life and because of that also the most vulnerable part of your infrastructure and the most common target of eavesdropping.


Contact us when you require “Black Ops” classification of mobile security.

Encrypted Privacy Crypto SmartPhone
Encrypted Security Crypto SmartPhone

Zero Access to User Data

The Secure Black architecture is built upon the zero access to user data concept. Your encrypted data is only yours.


With various hardware integrity checks integrated in the smartphone, no one has ever access to the data you store securely on the device.