Crypto Phone : Most Secure OS

Best encrypted OS

Secure OS, a hardened operating system using a custom-built enhanced full disk encryption.


The encrypted secure OS is an in-house developed user-friendly high secure operating system with military grade security techniques integrated.


From the power on, your phone is secured. Making use of the root of trust, the secure boot process where the initial bootloader’s integrity is verified on both the hardware and software layers.

Best encrypted Secure Phone OS
Best encrypted Secure Phone OS (Operating System)

Most Secure OS

The Black-OS is the most secure OS, whereby throughout the chain of trust each of the secure boot stages are verified cryptographically. If one stage is tampered with, all system- and user data is instantly securely destroyed.


A built-in security monitor constantly inspects the core of the OS Kernel to ensure sensitive data is consistently protected.


Additionally, the Secure OS makes use of an unparalleled enhancement of the disk encryption due to a singular for the Secure Black custom modified encryption algorithm.


To increase the level of security each number of cryptophones deliveries has an entirely different modified encryption algorithm, making it impossible for adversaries to decipher the encryption.

Hidden encrypted OS partitions

For professionals with hypersensitive data and programs on their smartphones, as well for users requiring multi-factor authentication techniques to access crypto vaults there is the Black-Crypt.


As long as the user has not entered the correct passcode the data stays in an encrypted blob on the system. Once the user has entered the passcode correctly, the data inside the 256-AES encrypted (hidden) partition becomes visible and usable.

Crypto Phone Secure OS Partitions
Most Phone OS Detector

Crypto Phone OS Detector

A built-in detection and response threat detector: the Black-Detect prevents attackers against unauthorized access to any of the multilayered security spaces.


Automatically recognizing IMSI, network, brute-force and side-channel attacks thanks to preset detection rules and policies. Initially the threat is stopped or neutralized by obstructing any further access.


Depending which area is under attack -, the data will be removed and the phone becomes a non-usable device.