Global Secret & Crypto Communication:

You wish to communicate securely, secretly and anonymously over an encrypted channel? Audio and Video calls.


No matter if your contact is using a Secure Black Crypto Phone. You are able to communicate globally with anyone using Secure-Black.Net.

Decentralized Private Phone Network
Centralized vs Decentralized Private Network

No Crypto Phone required

Centralized networks located over multiple secure data centers all over the world are connected with each other to form one centralized network. Allowing everyone to connect with each other.


Every Black-Stealth user is searchable by typing in the Stealth-ID throughout the global centralized network. Of course, you can accept or decline an invitation by another user on one of the centralized networks.


As each message is separately encrypted with a session-key your messages are highly secured on the centralized networks.

Decentralized Private Phone Network

Decentralized networks operate autonomously as independent anonymous communities. You as owner of a decentralized network can share the network details with your trusted contacts. You can invite and accept participants to a closed network.


We understand if you only trust yourself. Which is why with the Decentralized networks, only you are in control of your network. Making you completely independent.

Decentralized Private Phone Network
Professional Decentralized Networks

Professional Decentralized Networks

The Decentralized networks are for larger groups of professionals that require an even higher level of network anonymity security.


Please contact our sales team for more information about private decentralized networking.